How to run a trivia fundraiser

I hope I have achieved that goal. If you have a web site, you should put a post on the site about it. Complete all the questions in the category.

How to Organize a Trivia Night Fundraiser

Specialising in custom printing allows customers to proudly display their logo or meet their corporate requirements. So, unless you have a dedicated group who are willing to spend several hours of their time in multiple sessions coming up with questions and getting others to test them, then you should just buy your trivia questions. Additional Revenue Opportunities There are many ways to raise additional funds at a trivia night:.

Enjoy the night!

how to run a trivia fundraiser

While some people hire a professional trivia company and host to run their nights you can do it yourself quite successfully. Illustration by Dylan.

Fundraising Ideas: How to Do a Trivia Night Fundraiser

If time is short of question writing is not your thing then this book will be just right. Add some cross generational stuff to - don't leave out the older or younger players.

Vouchers from these types of businesses are great spot prizes or auction items. Second and third can be table prizes to share like chocolates.

Trivia Night

All prizes were collected from the kids a few weeks before the event with each family donating one prize. Hi Kenneth Thanks for the kind words! In this game everyone who wants to play stands up. If you are knowledgeable and you enjoy researching and writing, and have some spare time on your hands, then you should try to put together the quiz yourself.

how to run a trivia fundraiser

When considering whether to purchase a quiz, or create your own, ask yourself these questions: All of the images used to illustrate this page are taken from free clip art websites. Thank you so much for this great idea and advice!!!!

how to run a trivia fundraiser

Make sure your event does not clash with a big sporting event, a holiday weekend or other local event. If there are any areas I missed, please let me know, so I can update the blog and provide further help to fundraisers in the future.

Trivia Night Fundraiser

Home Fundraising Events, functions and fundraising activities Trivia Night. Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas. I have a whole list of Sit Down If statements you can download to get you started.

One of the cheapest methods of getting the word out about your event is the use of various forms of social media.