How to reactivate twitter with followers

how to reactivate twitter with followers

After a few days of back-and-forth tussle, I emerged victorious and stayed off Twitter for ten days. Cheerful Twitter Employee promptly closed the support ticket and let me know that Twitter engineers are on it, and I need not check back.

Two text boxes will appear on the center of the login page. For instance, you can say the deactivation was temporary. References Twitter: You can create a new account with the same Twitter handle if someone else hasn't already claimed it, but you'll have to start over getting new followers and following other people.

You Probably Shouldn’t Deactivate Your Twitter Account

Not Helpful 2 Helpful 0. Log out of Twitter from all your devices. Brought to you by Techwalla. I want to be optimistic, and hope that the Twitter engineers will indeed fix this issue one day. You can now access the account by logging into it at the Twitter website. Your account information can be retrieved for up to 30 days after you delete it.

What Happens When You Reactivate Your Twitter?

Yes No. While most of your account information should be removed within a few minutes, information can still be seen for up to a few days after deactivate your account.

how to reactivate twitter with followers

She studied creative writing at Kansas State University. Mentions, images, and favorites still missing.

how to reactivate twitter with followers

Sembera now writes full time about business and technology. Delete all your Twitter apps and bookmarks. Open the email account you linked with the Twitter account.

What Happens to Your Followers When You Deactivate Twitter?

Open a new tab on your web browser and go to the Twitter website. Photo Credits.

how to reactivate twitter with followers

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how to reactivate twitter with followers

As soon as you are logged in, your account is reactivated. In the first 48 hours after reactivation, your follower counts may fluctuate or be inaccurate. His professional career includes stints as a computer tech, information editor and income tax preparer.