How to make superhero capes for adults

how to make superhero capes for adults

Who, me? Blue Susan permalink. That would cut down a lot on cutting time.

Sunshine permalink. But anyway - this cape was made because my friend Josh and I decided he needed one. No-Baste Hexies!

How to Make a Simple Superhero Cape - FREE CHAPTER

I usually use broadcloth, it is inexpensive and tends not to wrinkle badly. That first picture! More by the author: Ursula permalink. Love, Love, Love this!

Made by Me Monday – Super Hero Cape {pattern + tutorial}

Please request written consent before taking images or content from this site. I think we accomplished that quite well.

how to make superhero capes for adults

When you're done sewing the panels together, fold the cape in half and cut a curve in the bottom if you wish, and trim up the top so all the panels are even! Read more.

How to Make a Superhero Cape

Chris permalink. Very cute.

how to make superhero capes for adults

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