How to make sailor fuku collar

My six year old daughter is dying to be Sailor moon but we have been at a loss for a pattern to even begin with. Assemble the rest of the blouse as directed, ignoring the part about the front button placket.

how to make sailor fuku collar

Tatum April 1, 2016 6: A June 11, 2015 1: Make sure you sew exactly to the corner and not a stitch beyond, and when you clip the point of the V make sure you get all the way into the corner.

Glad to be of assistance. This can be made in the blouse or collar fabric, trimmed to match the collar or embellished with an embroidered monogram or school seal.

how to make sailor fuku collar

Thanks for sharing each step briefly to make this sailor collar. Or, if you sew it on by hand after assembling the collar but before you attach it, you can put your hand inside the collar and sew only through the top layer. Draw straight across from that point to the center front line, meeting it at a right angle 1.

How do you see the trim when turning a corner at the back of the collar? Here are the steps to create this piece: Then turn the whole piece right side out, smoothing the curve with your fingers, and press to fuse them together.

Does that help?

Then, use a ruler to draw the lower edge of the facing about two inches from the stitching line all the way around the neck.

You may want to sew from the blouse side so you can see your previous line of stitching — you want the final row of stitches to be just inside the previous row so that the stitches will be hidden from view when the collar is turned right side out. For the bow, you might want to attach it to a snap so you can remove it for washing or switch out the color if you like.

how to make sailor fuku collar

Or, I think some uniforms have a little fabric loop there that you can tie your bow through. Did your question get answered?

Any additional pointers? Gillian July 11, 2016 12: Aleera June 12, 2015 11: Gillian June 7, 2015 8: Stop after staystitching the neckline.

Sailor Moon Fuku Tutorial

You may wish to draw in the stitching lines as well. Just be careful if your blouse fabric is white or a light color, because a dark-colored facing might show through. You can chalk in the stitching line so you know how to place it, and then sew it just to the top layer before you sew the collar layers together. Just what I needed.

how to make sailor fuku collar

Press the seam allowances to the facing side and understitch the facing to the allowances to give it a nice roll to the inside.