How to make conference calls on viber

Click the Phone symbol after opening the app Tap Start Group Call Search and tick from a list of people Press the telephone symbol to initiate a group call 2 Skype Microsoft-owned Skype has become a verb for video conferencing for e.

Conference call on Viber

Does viber have conference calling? On a nokia 206 can i mute the call - for example i am in a conference call and i want to be able to listen to the call, but not transmit back to th..? Start a video call from your calls screen: Further reading: To enjoy using this service, you just need to add people to a group conversation in Facebook Messenger, and after that tap on the video icon, and all the members will be notified about your video call request.

Needless to say that making conference calls the old fashioned way is just too cumbersome, and if you have a reasonably fast and reliable internet connection, using messenger apps to do this is much more convenient. Yes Cacheage: Latest Videos.

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Please unmerge any questions that are not the same as this one: Tech News in Hindi. Select the contact you want to call 3. I have no sound. Not to mention if the original call drops, then the other two get disconnected too, requiring a repeat of the process.

8 Group Video Call Apps Comparison

Conference call on Viber 3 1 2 3 4 5. How to take another call in conference while talking with someone? Whatsapp video call is very easy to use, you simply need to open the chat window of the person you wish to call, then there are two options, one is a phone, clicking on which you will be able to make a voice call, and the other is video, tapping on which you will be able to make a video call. Was this comment helpful?

how to make conference calls on viber

Home Calls and messages Make a video call with Viber. Was this answer helpful? Is there any Android apps available which allows you to make free group calling.

how to make conference calls on viber

I hope VIber would support Nokia Phones for telephony sometime soon. Yes Thanks, this was helpful. Click on the call button. Each of the members may quit the chat himself any moment.

how to make conference calls on viber

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