How to help christmas tree last longer

For the crafty folks, you can also slice the trunk into thin rounds to use as coasters, place cards, gift tags, and other projects.

how to help christmas tree last longer

Beautiful Bend, Oregon, is my home. Will LED Christmas lights save you money? Bummer, we know. Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heaters or fans, as these will speed up the drying process.

how to help christmas tree last longer

Car Sticker Residue. Things To Do. Select a longer lasting variety to begin with.

how to help christmas tree last longer

The drive home on the roof of your car can start to dry out even the freshest tree to the point where it needs a drink of water immediately. I also share tips for minimizing food waste, so more of the food that is purchased ends up on the table. Here are the steps I take every year to keep our Christmas tree fresh and beautiful all month long and even past the New Year.

8 Ways to Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Check the water level daily to make sure it's up to snuff. Real or fake? Nasturtium Pesto January 15, 2013.

How to Set Up and Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive

Here's what you should do to make sure your tannenbaum doesn't become a tannen-bummer. This means many stands need to be topped off daily. Also, the tree should be a nice dark green color, not faded.

How to make your Christmas tree last longer this year

Most cities now have programs that collect Christmas trees and turn them into mulch. If you aren't impressed with the answers, shop elsewhere. Make sure it is far away from anything that could dry it out, not only for preservation sake, but safety. Follow the steps below to make sure your tree lasts as long as possible this season!

how to help christmas tree last longer

Recycle it! Consider using newer LED bulbs for lights on your tree.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

Recipe Rating. Read More.

how to help christmas tree last longer

In order to do this, you need to take care of three things: If there are no local tree farms, your next best bet is to cut one yourself by obtaining a permit from the Forest Service. When it comes to shedding needles, not all Christmas trees are created equal.