How to get catch the bus trophy

Complete all 9 Assassination missions.

how to get catch the bus trophy

In both cases, the timing of each command and the overall performance as the game progresses may be rated as "Perfect", "Good" or "Bad", and the amount of scores given depends on the former. Since Games For Windows Live is essentially the Windows equivalent of Xbox Live, the achievements are identical and work in exactly the same way on both systems.

Retrieved from " https: Switchflip33 Switchflip33 8 years ago 2 Just follow the directions when you're dancing the first time. Complete " That Special Someone ". Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

how to get catch the bus trophy

Dance perfectly in both of Tony 's nightclubs. Can I go back to M9 to try again or do I have to dance at Hercules again first? Instead of a score-based evaluation of the player's performance, the primary objective in TBoGT is to fill a meter wrapped around a bumping subwoofer via two means: Play as both sides, and win as each one, in all ranked Multiplayer variations, races, and also Cops 'n Crooks.

Follow those directions when doing them at Hercules and Maisonette, and you'll get the trophy. Just follow the directions when you're dancing the first time.

Rhythm-based Minigames

FlexicoBurress FlexicoBurress 8 years ago 4 Well that's odd... Catch the Bus" which is worth 15 gamerscore on Xbox 360 and is Bronze on PlayStation 3 and can be completed by performing both dance routines perfectly in both Hercules and Maisonette 9 clubs. I need this trophy but how does the dancing works? Topic Archived.

Like most minigames, successful dancing has no significant benefits except to please girlfriends that the player brings along.

User Info: Wesker1984 Wesker1984 8 years ago 10 That's just really funny, because I did it in M9 twice first, then did it in Hercules a few game days later and got the trophy anyway, I doubt it matters which order or even how long between dances....

GTA IV TBoGT Hurcules Bus Stop "Catch the Bus" Trophy

Log In Sign Up. The Faggio is a good choice for this as it is easier to control while doing a wheelie. Complete " The Cousins Bellic ". When Luis perfects the dancing minigame with a female dancer in Maisonette 9 , they will have casual sex in the women's restroom. Do a wheelie on a motorcycle for at least 500 feet.

Achievements and Trophies in GTA IV

I have no idea how I can dance perfectly at Hercules and on the Boulavard Baby mission and not at M9? Then you can do in the Maisonette you need to do it in Hercules first and do the dance although it's a bit different. While dancing, players may witness the player character's performance on the dance floor.

how to get catch the bus trophy