How to flash turnigy 9x 9ch

Install the eepe software and leave all the settings as default. Tomtom10000 Question 1 year ago on Step 6.

Turnigy 9X Mods and Upgrades

Entire forum This topic This board Members. I have this radio and it works just fine buy the lighted back screen and it works great after dark too.

how to flash turnigy 9x 9ch

User actions Print. How cool is that!

Transform a Cheap RC Transmitter With Custom Firmware

I';ve been at it on and off for months. Once completed the 9X Tx will display an bad memory message, unplug the programmer and pop the ribbon cable inside the 9X Tx temporarily.

how to flash turnigy 9x 9ch

It doesn';t hurt to check once or twice or maybe even three times. However, I started with the Turnigy 9X, and it was a good starter radio especially if you are on a tight budget. If you have a 2x3 female pin header plug you can use that, otherwise use a thin saw to cut a piece of the connector that is three long.

how to flash turnigy 9x 9ch

February 25, 2019, 16: February 20, 2013, 21: Welcome to Multi-Rotor. Dennis Baldwin does a great job of showing you how to install the DJT module.

My only complaint is the marginal usage for multi-rotor without er9x.

how to flash turnigy 9x 9ch

Reply Upvote. Unscrew the six screws from the back of your 9X Tx.

how to flash turnigy 9x 9ch

Question 1 year ago on Step 6. They';re dirt cheap and always worth buying 3 or 4 when ever possible. Share it with us!

Turnigy 9x 9ch Transmitter W/ XJT Module & Life Battery (mode 2) Er9x Firmware

New addition hidden from the missus! The wires must be soldered to the correct pads on the main board ensuring that theirs no excess solder that could cause a short circuit. Dry solder joints. Ben The Builder 7 years ago on Introduction. Split Flap Display - Antique Remix. Devon Logged. Adding a backlight is fairly simple, and HobbyKing even sells a backlight specifically for the 9X.