How to do doggy makeup

Article Summary X 1. Draw Black Triangle for Nose for Puppy Halloween Makeup To accentuate the puppy nose in your Halloween makeup, use black face paint to make a small rounded triangle at the tip of the nose. Kid's Halloween Puppy Costume and Makeup To complete a puppy look for Halloween, pull the puppy's hair into high pigtails to resemble fluffy ears or glue some fabric ears onto a headband.

how to do doggy makeup

Perhaps the most fun thing about transforming into a furry, four-legged friend is there are so many breeds to choose from. For anyone seeking something a little spookier, this Lady Werewolf themed look will have you howling for joy.

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how to do doggy makeup

It's also a great option if you have a specific eye makeup look you want to wear on Halloween without your dog inspired makeup interfering with it. Snapchat In other languages: If you aren't logged into Snapchat, tap Log In and enter your email address or username and password.

Michelle Stamper MichelleSAlcorn. Painting Red Tongue for Halloween Puppy Makeup To create the look of a puppy's tongue hanging out, start at one edge of the bottom lip and draw a line down to the chin about an inch using black face paint, then round it to just past the middle of the lip. Learn more. They make especially great mates if you're someone who prefers animals to people.

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how to do doggy makeup

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Perfect 'puppy eyes' in 6 simple steps

Love It or List It, Too 9am 8c. More From Makeup. If you want a more subtle costume, you can choose to create big, puppy dog eyes with the help of this cool tutorial. Share On facebook Share On facebook. This tutorial shows folks how to create a super easy dog inspired makeup look and also gives you three cute hairstyles to go with it.

how to do doggy makeup

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9 Easy Dog Halloween Makeup Tutorials For Pups On Snapchat & Beyond — VIDEOS

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how to do doggy makeup

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