How to do cat face stucco

how to do cat face stucco

With the Cat Face, Montalvo or California texture, you apply your first coat as you would normally, however when you apply your second coat you randomly miss a few areas or allot, the areas missed depends entirely on owner preference. It can be done in fine, medium or coarse finishes.

Worm finishes leave little grooves and indentations in the stucco. Call Us Now 858-224-7373.

how to do cat face stucco

When you are ready to apply stucco to your home, ask your contractor to show you samples so you can touch and feel the texture that will be applied to your home. Usually it is done by hand or sprayed on with 3 coats to create this look.

how to do cat face stucco

It can be done with both synthetic or traditional stucco and can vary in price depending on how close or large you want your rough areas. You are here: This finished can be done with synthetic stucco however special aggregates have to mixed into to accomplish this look.

It works well with synthetic and acrylic stucco.

how to do cat face stucco

Why does stucco crack? Call or Email Us 858 224-7373 sales myclassicteam.

Montalvo or Cat Face stucco Finishes explanation. Why does stucco crack?

Opening times Mon - Fri: These small texture areas can vary in size and shape. Stucco is made with natural substance or you can find a synthetic form. All Rights Reserved. Howdy guys and gals in this short video explains two things one is the Montalvo, California or Cat Face stucco Finishes as they are commonly names in different states, which basically mean the same finish.

This look does come with its downfalls where it is hard to patch and it has a tendency to crack than any other finishes. It is applied by hand and can also be done with acrylic stucco as well.

This video is just an Explanation of how to apply and why stucco cracks. Stucco is an excellent siding choice for many home styles, from modern to contemporary and even a bit of southwestern flair. If can come in a fine or heavy finish.

how to do cat face stucco

Here are some fantastic examples of what kind of texture you can get by using stucco on your home. Stucco is very versatile when it comes to finishes and the look you want to achieve. It comes in fine, medium and coarse patterns.