How to disable my ssid broadcast

Disable SSID Broadcast on a Wireless Access Point

Instead of just giving out your network password, you have to include the SSID and security mode. Whether or not you broadcast your SSID then becomes a matter of convenience for your users, and is not a matter of security.

how to disable my ssid broadcast

The simple reason SSID broadcasting is used in the first place is to make it easy for clients to see and connect to the network. A flaw in WPS leaves it vulnerable to brute-force attacks, however.

how to disable my ssid broadcast

A hacker with the right tools and enough time, can sniff out the traffic coming from your network, find the SSID and continue on their hacking way. Wireless networks are inherently less secure — or at least more prone to being hacked — than wired networks.

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how to disable my ssid broadcast

The password is never transmitted. The beacon frame , even when not broadcasting the SSID i.

5 Wi-Fi security myths you must abandon now

But how is that substantially different from how they'd have to crack the same network otherwise? Instead of looking through the available networks your device will broadcast the SSID constantly [and everywhere] waiting for an answer from the Router. Here are some of the more useful ones to start exploring right now. Hope this helps! Networked devices use this address as identification when they send and receive data over the network. Belkin International, Inc.

It also lowers the profile of your Wi-Fi network with neighboring households - another potential plus. By using Belkin Products or providing us with your Personal Information, you are accepting and consenting to the practices, terms and conditions described in the Privacy Policy. Is there something I'm missing? Share Pin Email.

how to disable my ssid broadcast

You're correct, it will not connect if the encryption and key doesn't match; but it doesn't matter if the SSID was broadcast or not. In this particular case, the 802. Still, to each there own. Additional Support Questions?