How to decorate cake without icing

how to decorate cake without icing

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21 Easy Ways To Decorate A Cake

Thought I would share that with you. Here is a simple cream cheese frosting recipe: Recipes to try using caramel: Squeeze the bag and let the dollop build, then stop squeezing and lift the bag up.

Get the recipe at Every Cake You Bake. If you want that classic, crisp meringue finish you can brown the outside with a blow torch or a quick burst in the oven. I used a teaspoon to put sprinkles inside my cutter and then I patted them down very lightly with the back of my spoon. From fresh raspberries to dried raisins, there are many varied fruits that will be perfect for topping your cake. Strawberries and cream cake Get the recipe: Cut off the corner of your freezer bag.

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Cakes using NO Cake Decorating Supplies

Another great tip to have is a large cake icer tip. Fill your ziplock freezer bag and snip off the corner like we did for the bakery style cake above.

how to decorate cake without icing

Annalise — March 3, 2014 9: Sharing fabulous recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, breads and more. This is an image 2 of 19. Fondant shapes are perfect for making in advance as long as you keep them in an airtight container and handle with care when it comes to popping them on your cake. Whether you pile them up in the middle, cover the whole cake in them or make a pattern like spelling out their names, your kids are going to love a cake decorated with masses of sweets.

Having few cake tools at your disposal helps.

how to decorate cake without icing

Chocolate frosting is available easily in stores. If you love meringue as much as we do, you should really give this cake decorating technique a go. Ready to roll fondant can be bought in most supermarkets in the cake decorating aisle. Russian icing tips are made to produce an intricate flower shape in one fell swoop.

how to decorate cake without icing

It's a little burnt around the edges and you've had to cut them off or if you cake didn't rise as much as you'd like, get the chocolate fingers and cigarellos at the ready. Coconut can be baked in a cake or used to decorate it too. Next, fill your ziplock freezer bag with icing and snip off the corner.

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