How to crop on illustrator cc templates

how to crop on illustrator cc templates

For more information, see Drawing pixel-aligned paths for web workflows. If you're working with a linked image, Illustrator prompts you that linked files are embedded after cropping.

Use masks to crop content

Create a new document from a template. Manage image, footage, and audio files: For example, if you need to design a series of business cards with a similar look and feel, you can create a template with the desired artboard size, view settings such as guides , and print options.

Do one of the following to crop the selected image: Press the arrow keys to move the crop widget.

how to crop on illustrator cc templates

The Split Into Grid command lets you divide one or more objects into multiple rectangular objects arranged in rows and columns. Create a new document.

Files and templates

Click Advanced to specify the following additional options:. Select the clipping path and the objects you want to mask. Click OK to continue. Watch for a warning icon when making changes.

Crop any image in Illustrator

Applies to: From Adobe Bridge, you can do any of the following: Creating a document from a template gives you a document with preset design elements and settings, as well as content, such as cropmarks and guides, for specific document types, such as brochures or CD covers. This setting applies to both horizontal and vertical spacing. Moreover, you cannot rotate the crop widget.

how to crop on illustrator cc templates

To reposition the crop widget precisely, use guides and grids. For example, the Video And Film Document profile uses pixels instead of points, and you can choose a device-specific crop area, such as NTSC DV Widescreen, to create a document in the exact dimensions required, with video-safe guides in place to help you lay out your design for optimal viewing.