How to change href value

If you want to match an anchor with a specific existing href , you might use something like this:. So readers should just have a look at the post womble linked.

how to change href value

This is so simple with JavaScript only. Anup Anup 2,664 1 19 36.

how to change href value

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Cooper Cooper 7,291 2 7 28. This example will change the second Google link in the content, but not the first one or the one in the footer:.

How to change href attribute of a hyperlink using jQuery

The simple way to do so is: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The return false prevents the link from being followed. This will find links where the href exactly matches the string http: Brian Boatright Brian Boatright 16k 31 74 100. Down-voted because your snippet and answer doesn't answer the original question, and doesn't really provide any explanation of why the information obtained using the snippet is helpful.

how to change href value

This example will change the Google link in the content, but not in the footer: Using pure JavaScript without any library you can do: Not enough jQuery.

Chris 14.

Change the href using jQuery

However, a summary here would be nice, otherwise this bit of information kinda gets lost.. In this case, if you already have jQuery injected, probably jQuery one look shorter and more cross-browser... Imagine you have this href below: Attr function since jQuery version 1. To change links in a given section, add the container div's class to the selector.

Change the HREF of the Wordpress Avada Theme Logo Image

Thank you for your interest in this question. To change individual links regardless of where they fall in the document, add an id to the link and then add that id to the selector. Depending on whether you want to change all the identical links to something else or you want control over just the ones in a given section of the page or each one individually, you could do one of these. I not too pedantic about the down-vote, but if you 're not going to say why you are down-voting, there is nothing being achieved, and you shouldn't bother.

Use the attr method on your lookup.

how to change href value