How to build a puddle duck racer

Some rigs for this boat use a rudimentary traveler so I guess I need a place to attach this at the back as well.

how to build a puddle duck racer

After squeezing a bead on the edges the cover went down carefully. Modifying our boats is a fun part of our hobby and enjoyed just as much as the sailing and racing part.

Design Considerations Of The Puddle Duck Racer

Hull shape carries 630 lbs that is when both transoms touch water Theoretical Hull Speed: I liked the looks of the Duck that John H. Lucky it won't affect sailing.

how to build a puddle duck racer

The holes on the side of the step is to allow me to control the twist of the mast. Summary of Activities This is a good day to involve children or grandchildren who might not have been present for earlier activities Purchase paint materials. Turns out that karts are a bundle of fun to drive.

For some odd reason, many sailors think they should only have one sailboat - please realize it is perfectly OK to have several or many sailboats at the same time.

Mast Step and Partner and Decks, side and front get covered.

I went around and cleaned up the squeezed out epoxy. Wind has been either really small or too strong so I can work on the boat. Sponsor of the Annual Texas 200. I always have to look up what to call those top and bottom wood strips! The whole interior has at least one coat of epoxy and there are a few spots with 2 coats.

Why We Don't Have Required Plans

You can get a hull number once you have gone 3-D. It is quite rough and will want some sanding before I apply a final coat of resin.

how to build a puddle duck racer

If you are interested in doing a hatch, consider inviting the other local duckers to come help because we really like any excuse to build another boat or help someone else build theirs.

Summary of Activities Add lines and hardware: Forum for Puddle Duck Racers. At present there are over 600 Ducks within the USA, and in twenty-five other countries.

how to build a puddle duck racer

Box boats are incredibly forgiving as to how you configure them, the long flat sides sort of work like full length keels helping to track. This piece of foam worked marvelously well, go figure.

how to build a puddle duck racer

I first became aware of the little "Puddle Duck Racer" while reading an article about the 2008 Texas 200 sailing marathon. The middle piece is for my Skerry boat. Usually around 120 lbs, depends on construction Capacity: Custom Search. I used a table saw to rip two of the 2 x 4s into smaller strips to use for my boat's cleat and chine logs.