How to assemble parts in pro engineer

Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric Files

Assemble the hex bot with predefined constraints. SMG Export Options.

Bolt And Nut Assembly Using Creo Pro E)

Sheet Metal. Exporting Using Extended Reality.

how to assemble parts in pro engineer

The belt drive model will appear in the graphics window in yellow to represent the part being assembled. Other components may reference this component or the assembly features. Notice the surface selected is in red with the "automatic" note pointing to the surface.

Import and Export. Unigraphics Files. Viewpoint Files. Place additional hex bolts using a pattern.

Left click on the outside surface of the output shaft of the transmission as shown in the figure below. Notice how the washer has now been flipped over and is in the correct orientation.

Solid Edge Files. Rhino Files.

how to assemble parts in pro engineer

Task 7: Downvote 0 Downvoted 1. Notice how the automatic constraint aligns the two shafts together.

Orient the model to better select the lower left hole on the transmission cover. File Types. Do u want to apple mechanism for it choose the placement or user Defined option from dashboard make use pre-defined by using of Rigid, pin, cylinder and bearing etc. Autodesk Inventor Files. Notice how the part has now moved to align the selected surfaces as the first constraint.

Task 2: Answered with a tutorial: Assemble the belt drive pulley using two constraints. Then select the surface using the left mouse button.

How to do assemble the parts in creo?

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how to assemble parts in pro engineer

Place additional washers using a pattern.