How green is your school quiz night

How does your school engage students in its greening efforts?

Used air filters rated at or above MERV 11? Planted an edible garden and used the fresh food?

how green is your school quiz night

Installed safe playground equipment, with no arsenic-treated wood? Developed hands-on environmental projects in the local community? Please keep in touch by clicking on the facebook icon below or email us on fomgjs gmail. Depending on your score, follow the links for more action ideas, tools to support your efforts, and opportunities to share the story of your green school.

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The mood was set for an evening of fun at the Eversley Primary School Quiz Night and so Range Homes were bound to get involved in the end of week shenanigans. How toxin-free is your school? Created an educational garden?

how green is your school quiz night

Recycled at lunch? Purchased school supplies notebooks, folders, dividers with recycled content? Developed a creative play area? Every year we organise a range of events including: Click here to see how you can help. This year we had the privilege of sponsoring the quiz night at Eversley Primary School and were glad to be involved directly with an important faction of the community.

Offered outdoor or nature education?

how green is your school quiz night

The Quiz Night date may change to 10th May to avoid clash with school trips. The Friends Committee is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who commit their time and energy to ensure that the children of Meath Green Junior School enjoy fun events and activities throughout the year while raising necessary funds.

The Co-op local community fund gives money to local organisations. We are always looking for ideas, suggestions, help and volunteers. Purchased copy paper with recycled content? June 2018 — Ice Pop Sale.

Friends (PTA)

Prohibited smoking on campus and in public school buses 2. Take our short quiz and get a quick assessment of your grade and whether or not you are on your way to our Green Schools Honor Roll. Saturday 7 July 2018, 12-3pm. It is not often that teachers and parents gather for non academic reasons and it was good to see everyone relax with a drink or two or three and some challenging quiz questions. Summer Fair: Where does the money go?

Installed drip and timed irrigation systems for landscaping?