Fire boots how to survive a zombie

Dead On Annihilator Superhammer This heavy duty hammer was created specifically for a zombie outbreak equipped with a bottle opener, multi-purpose wrench, nail puller, chisel, and demolition axe.

Zombie Apocalypse Gear: 25 Essentials for Survival

However, should you be taken by a surprise close encounter with a hidden zombie, it may be hard to fire a shot. This lightweight axe features a stainless steel blade that is perfect for silent kills.

With regards to the psychological aspect though... Perfect for skull crushing.

fire boots how to survive a zombie

Inovade View Profile View Posts. The backpack features a removable padded waist strap. Probably a leather motorcycle suit with a full shield hockey helmet and a good pair of leather hiking boots.

fire boots how to survive a zombie

Again though, hopefully you already have something that at home. They will get wet, either from the inside or the outside. Add stupid or inattentive people not used to handling a set of candles or a heater and the reason for most house fire in the world becomes clearly.

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I've also recently been trying out Rockys with great results. Jeans are not ideal. Kokonut View Profile View Posts. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Don't forget plenty of extra socks and underwear.

fire boots how to survive a zombie

The new world and new reality where the line between survival and ethics is very thin. But because these stabbing weapons require a great deal of skill and training — and one mistake in a close encounter with a zombie will cost you dearly — you should begin safely and carefully!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide And 15 Essential Gears

Primal instinct training, improvised first aid, use of snares and traps, sourcing and purifying water and various techniques for covering rough terrain, including abseiling. Links to outside videos, articles, etc must have a question behind it or have some tactical significance and be conductive to discussion.

fire boots how to survive a zombie

Smart wool or Marino wool hiking socks are the way to go. Techniques taught are based on the tried and tested experience of Lofty himself. Trust me, we at Zentist know what tools are the best to remove teeth fast. You also want to make sure that it fits comfortably under the hip strap of your backpack, if you are using one.

A sturdy belt is important if you plan on carrying any of your kit on your belt or in your pockets.

fire boots how to survive a zombie

They keep some water out but they also keep it in, including sweat. The built-in hydration pack is a nice bonus feature. Gear Sky Sleepers: Imagine you got stranded in the wilderness — could you survive?