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I am still at awe and can't believe...

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As per Feb 20, 1992 USCIS memo, the full-time work is generally considered to be 35-40 hours per week or whatever is appropriate for the occupation. I understand that every one is on their nerves, but lets keep our calm and appreciate their info.

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Also I checked online and the max deposit permitted per anum into the PPF acount is only Rs 70 thousand. I have applied I-140 under EB2 India.

Just be normal and greet as you do with American friends. I already filed my taxes myself, and maybe I missed this.

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From all the discussion above, it's clear bigoted minuteman types who came up with this brilliant tactic of pushing point based system to delay and deny any type of immigration reform this year are winning rhetorical victory.

I am from Indypls.. Can this create an issue while IO is working on my 485 application? Your Service Center? I will make it next time for sure. We have have gone out of country and come back in on AP.

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She had a 10-yr multiple entry US visa stamped and didn't need any German transit visa. Because most of the persons like you already filed I 485 you can file by point system and you will get soon as you have 5 years US experience.

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I have 2 times H1 transfer after that and visited India couple of times. Sessions, Houston talk radio hosts.. When I email him I get an out of office response.

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Also do not show off. That seems to me, to mean democratic gains except blue dog democrats, since that would help them push legislation through. Can the H1B amendment be denied? Then, in that case 30 hours would be "full time". PERM and I-140 shouldn't take more than 6 months if you hire a good attorney..... May be at the end of the day, nothing bad might happen.

Also that match up would make it less likely for a 3rd candidate. The VO really like people who seem to have assimilated into the culture.