Car aircon service how often

Latest News Headlines Speed limiters and black boxes to be fitted to all new cars within three years New systems could cut casualty rates by preventing vehicles from exceeding limits. Servicing your system every 1-2 years can eliminate this problem.

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My own opinion of automotive aircon systems is that they are supposed to be sealed systems similar to the refrigerators and aircon units found in our houses and offices , which shouldn't require any opening of the refrigerant lines until such a time when the lubricating oil inside the system breaks down enough to require replacement. I bought a Toyota Auris from a main Toyota dealer a week ago. At Kwik Fit we offer a complete air conditioning recharge service at over 600 centres nationwide.

car aircon service how often

Some servicing companies implement recycling for environment protection purposes. Because refrigerant gases are damaging to the ozone layer if released irresponsibly, it's essential to have your system serviced by a qualified professional.

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car aircon service how often

Used Car Pricing Search 2000 on. If the test result shows that little or no gas remains in the system, this indicates a more serious issue such as a potential leak and the recharge is stopped.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Conditioning System?

A fully functioning car air conditioning unit makes summers bearable and comfortable, while a defective one can make you feel like you are being grilled in your own sweat. Other warning signs of a faulty air con system When you turn on your air con system and detect a musty odor, your heating and cooling unit may be faulty. There are many reasons to get your air conditioning recharged besides the most obvious one being to keep you and your passengers cool on journeys in hot weather though we might add that leaving a box of lollies in a non-air conditioned car for too long can be very upsetting for kids and grown-ups alike.

Its main function is to absorb the heat and then release it. How do you know when your air-con needs regassing? Here's a few car air conditioning essentials so you're not left sweltering this summer.

car aircon service how often

You don't wait until your car dies before you get it fixed well, at least you shouldn't! Want more useful content like this sent straight to your inbox? After this, wipe them down with a clean cloth. Classic Car Insurance Comparison Site. These include: How often should you get you air-con regassed?

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This article originally appeared on Topgear. A tyre marked 225 will measure 225mm across the tread from sidewall to sidewall. Some firms offer discounts over winter or approaching summer, so keep an eye open to save money on your air-con regas. The ironic thing is that the cold air you feel inside your car is really hot gas removed from hot air from outside.