Biochemists in ghana what language

Reputable Company Job Vacancy : Biochemist / Microbiologist

It is tough making a bold switch like this. One day, the lecturer called me at home to inform me that I should take his class and gave me the topics for the day.

biochemists in ghana what language

The salary was not worth anything, but I took it all the same. If you are looking for a career at the crossroads between biology and medicine, then biochemistry could be interesting for you. Publish Date: Post a Job.

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Soon the lecturer saw my skill and told me to give him my curriculum vitae CV. Accra Job type: The last two weeks, we have been discussing how you can shift your career away from your original academic ground depending on market conditions or opportunities on the table.

Letter from Ghana: Biochemist turned IT guru

Previous Next. Biochemistry Job options The work field within the Biochemistry is broad. At least they think they are. Biochemistry Jobs - What are the opportunities after graduating? You Are Here: I remember everyday crying on my way back home after going around searching for a job.

biochemists in ghana what language

Work placements help to further develop the key skills and provide opportunities for building contacts and networking. This means that it is important that the employers within the Biochemistry are able to find you. The most important skills that should be at least mentioned on your CV are:. To all those having similar career ambitions like I had, I say: Biochemists are wide spread within the Life Sciences industry. Jobs directly related to a Biochemistry degree include: You can demonstrate your experience in these areas by giving examples from the practical work and group projects included in your degree course.

Other general skills include:

biochemists in ghana what language