Ae af lock iphone means what

Other DSLRs cameras may use a different time frame for the length of time the button remains active, so you'll want to expose this feature a bit more in your camera's user guide before using it to ensure you understand all of its features and limitations. So rather than letting the iPhone decide what to focus on, you should always set the focus point manually. To pinpoint movement in a scene, activate the burst mode. Share Pin Email.

What Is AF-Lock? (Also FE, AF, AE Lock)

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 1: Instead of using the button, you can press either volume button on the side of your iPhone and it will capture the photo. To do this, tap and then hold your finger down on the shutter button and it will rapidly capture a quick succession of photos.

ae af lock iphone means what

To unlock focus and exposure, just tap anywhere on the screen. AE-lock can also be very useful in difficult lighting situations.

iPhone 101: How to lock exposure and focus in the Camera app

All Rights Reserved. The HDR button is at the top of your camera app. However, you can still tweak the exposure by swiping up or down on the screen.

ae af lock iphone means what

To set your focus point you could use markings on the pavement or road, a sign-post, a trash can, or another person who has passed by before them. Either one can be used to take a picture. Time Until Deal Ends: For example, if a photographer is taking a series of images for a panoramic photograph and needs identical exposures, such as if you want to stitch together a set of photos to create a panoramic photo.

ae af lock iphone means what

This is great because it allows you to take multiple photos of the scene without having to set the focus and exposure for each shot. Richard says: Related Articles.

ae af lock iphone means what

We now offer a free newsletter for photographers:. To turn this off, tap your finger on the screen again.

7 iPhone Photography Features You Probably Don’t Know About

Even the smallest change in distance between the iPhone and the subject can render the subject out of focus. For further training: You can adjust the exposure manually if necessary. To set the focus, tap your finger on the area you want in focus.