7mm mauser loads 140 gr what powder

At this late date it has become perfectly obvious why the 7x57 is not as popular as either cartridge, but the excellent, dependable performance of this oldtimer is certainly an unimpeachable recommendation for owning one. The 7.

Handloading the 7x57 Mauser

All rights reserved. Partition is an excellent deer and moose bullet for the 7x57 mauser.

7x57 Mauser Muzzle Velocity: 150gr FMJ Hand Loads

Good luck! The Nosler No. The 7x57 really comes into its own with handloads.

7mm mauser loads 140 gr what powder

Trust me on this and the fact I have enough reloading supplies to last me till I'm 125 years old. Apr 15, 2009 Messages: The 140gr. Show Ignored Content. With the proper bullet, careful shot placement and a hunter who is willing to pass up shots at too great a range it is adequate for most American game, although some experts would consider it to be on the light side for wapiti, moose and bears.

7mm mauser loads 140 gr what powder

Win Large Rifle Case: Again, accurate loads and higher velocities are not difficult to achieve. It copied the British Lee types, but because the 7mm was a rimless round, the magazine posed fewer problems. Aug 23, 2012 Messages: Steve Steyr , May 23, 2016.

7mm mauser loads 140 gr what powder

The 7mm bullet had a flatter trajectory than its contemporaries because of greater muzzle velocity, which was a definite advantage in the eyes of the military.

Mar 1, 2015 Messages: Filled to the base of a 139gn Hornady spire-point bullet, seated to an overall cartridge length of 76mm, Remington was the smallest holding 52 grains of water, Norma cases held 53 grains, and Winchester were the largest, with 54 grains. Great calibre.

7mm mauser loads 140 gr what powder

Very few rifles are being chambered for the 7x57 today, but they include the CZ 550, Dakota 76 and Ruger International, while several European makers like Voere, Krieghoff and Merkel still list it. I'm a heavy bullet kinda shooter and now have on the bench Nosler Partitions in 150 and 160gr and a box of Hornady 150 interlocks. W760 40.

7x57 favorite loads

I know a lot of guys who have only one scale - can't imagine someone not being able to cross-check scales with one or more others, but it's true. When loading the 7x57, maximum case length should be 2. The newer made BT's are a better bullet for hunting than previous. All times are GMT -5. Later Ruger rifles have a 1: In standard calibres, I've had very good results from standard Hornady Interlocks.